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Sometimes time flies. Sometimes time stills. No one knows. This site intends to add some spice in our lives. OMG, we need a laugh!

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Dec 8, 2003
I deserve...

I did it in 16 seconds.
I deserved an A-!!
Take the How Dexterous Are You? Quiz!!

Posted at 12:03 am by freud
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Dec 7, 2003
Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Blizzard:: Winter
  2. J:: J.Lo
  3. Control:: Mother
  4. Blood:: Red
  5. Mysterious:: Egypt
  6. Annoying:: Bird
  7. Throat:: Sore
  8. Condom:: Sex
  9. Search:: Yahoo
  10. Heartfelt:: Love

(Unconscious Mutterings)

Posted at 07:25 pm by freud
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Nov 23, 2003
Weekend craze

<P>&lt;B&gt;&lt;FONT face=Arial color=#333333&gt;What a fruitful day.&lt;br&gt;<br>
&lt;LI&gt;10.30AM - woke up reading the Post&lt;BR&gt;<br>
&lt;LI&gt;11.30AM - Chinese tutorial with Tung, about a Chinese scholar's view on the meaning of life. The main focus is more or less Maslow's hierachy of needs, nothing special at all. But this topic is debatable, I like to talk and expand on this matter later on.&lt;BR&gt;<br>
&lt;LI&gt;NOON - voted for the District Council. My first time to be a genuine voter. It was fun putting a chop freely. This is my first taste of freedom in Hong Kong.&lt;BR&gt;<br>
&lt;LI&gt;2.30PM - Lunch at Deep Water Bay with a brown cat. Oh my gosh, I just realize that cat eats chicken bones.... lol&lt;BR&gt;<br>
&lt;LI&gt;3.30PM - Laying on the beach, listening to the sound of waves, feeling the heat of the solar energy and reading psychology notes on sensation &amp;amp; perception simulaneaously.&lt;BR&gt;<br>
&lt;LI&gt;5.30PM - Had hair cut by my hair stylist Richard, a quick hair-cut, feeling good anyway&lt;BR&gt;<br>
&lt;LI&gt;6.30PM - Bought ear-rings, shoes, socks, undies... one word: shopping!&lt;BR&gt;<br>
&lt;LI&gt;7.30PM - Dinner with my mom&lt;BR&gt;<br>
&lt;LI&gt;8.30PM - end of day&lt;BR&gt;<br>
&lt;LI&gt;9.30PM - paid for the JUPAS, 'polished' my personal statement&lt;/FONT&gt;&lt;/B&gt;&lt;/LI&gt;&lt;/UL&gt;<br>

<br>Try this. It is fun:
<table border='1' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='2' align='center'><form action='' method='POST'><tr><th colspan=2 bgcolor='#000000'><font color='#DDDD88'>Your horoscope... by <a href=''><font color='#DDDD88'>spiralinghalo</font></a></font></th></tr><tr><td bgcolor='#000000'><font color='#FFFFFF'>Name:</font></td><td bgcolor='#DDDDAA'><font color='#000000'><input type='text' name='Name:' value='Jilly' size='20'></font></td></tr><tr><td bgcolor='#000000'><font color='#FFFFFF'>Zodiac sign:</font></td><td bgcolor='#DDDDAA'><font color='#000000'><input type='text' name='Zodiac sign:' value='Gemini' size='20'></font></td></tr><tr><td bgcolor='#000000'><font color='#FFFFFF'>You will realize:</font></td><td bgcolor='#DDDDAA'><font color='#000000'>the rash growing inside of your ear is more than just a rash.</font></td></tr><tr><td bgcolor='#000000'><font color='#FFFFFF'>You should avoid:</font></td><td bgcolor='#DDDDAA'><font color='#000000'>KFC, though I know it&#39;s hard.</font></td></tr><tr><td bgcolor='#000000'><font color='#FFFFFF'>Your new love interest:</font></td><td bgcolor='#DDDDAA'><font color='#000000'>their name has two consonants in it.</font></td></tr><input type='hidden' name='un' value='spiralinghalo'><input type='hidden' name='meme' value='1067389739'><tr><td colspan=2 align='center' bgcolor='#000000'><input type='submit' value='Fill Out Your Answers and Try it!'></td></tr><tr><td colspan=2 align='center' bgcolor='#000000'><font size='-1' color='#FFFFFF'>Created with <a href=''><img src='' style='vertical-align:bottom;border:0;'><font color='#DDDD88'>quill18</font></a>'s <a href=''><font color='#DDDD88'>MemeGen</font></a>!</font></td></tr></form></table

Posted at 11:14 pm by freud
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I always want a record of my life. But I have been so busy lately, I don't have time to log in and polish my entry as good as it could be. Somehow, I really want to abandon the blog in 'upsaid'. I prefer 'blogdrive'. It's better, a lot.

Posted at 01:42 am by freud
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